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Our church is continuing the adventure that will determine our future as we embark on a Mission Possible to possess 60 acres of land. A successful capital stewardship campaign will enable our church to expand its ministry and better fulfill our mission to lead individuals into a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ and equip them for service to God and humanity.

With our Heavenly Father's direction, grace and mercy, our Pastor's leadership, and the support of our Campaign Expansion Team, we are asking that each of you join us on this adventure. There are many areas of service and we pray that you will seek God's will for you to help us possess the land. This page will be used to keep you abreast as we travel along this journey. You will have the opportunity to participate in spiritual awareness gatherings, 24 hour prayer events and much more.

If you feel lead to make a one-time donation to Mission Possible, please click on the link below.  Thank you for partnering with us as we continue this journey and go in the direction that God leads us. 


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