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Confident Women Designed by Almighty God

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  • Confident Women Designed by Almighty God

This book is designed to help women discover and rediscover the confidence Almighty God has placed inside each one of us. Confident Women Designed by Almighty God is a Bible study highly recommended for women who want to increase their self-esteem and confidence by following the path God ordained in His divinely inspired Holy Word. This is a great resource for women's study groups, whether large or small. The book can also be used for private study.

Many Christian women suffer from low self-esteem. Many women have no clue of who they are in Christ Jesus. This has concerned me for years as I've counseled and witnessed many women finding it difficult to love God, themselves, and others. Over time, the Holy Spirit led me to address some of these concerns in workshops for women, retreats, and other teaching opportunities. My desire to help, encourage, and enlighten-especially women-has led me to write this study. Through the lives of Biblical women such as Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Elizabeth, Hannah, the Daughters of Zelophehad, and others, I have attempted to encourage women to examine their confidence in God and get excited about their lives. If I have a legacy to leave with my people, it is my philosophy of loving, living, and serving.

I am confident that my life is one that has been designed by Almighty God. I pray that my philosophy will speak loudly to many people as they read this study book and learn more about who we are in Christ Jesus.

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