Mount Calvary Baptist Church - Our History
One Church two locations, A Multi-Ethnic Ministry

With “Five-Star” quality as its standard, Mount Calvary continues to pursue quality and excellence through the development of ministries that help us fulfill our mission statement: Our mission is to lead individuals into a DYNAMIC relationship with Jesus Christ and to equip them for service to God and humanity.  Expressions, of our commitment to our mission is found in our innovative community outreach programs such as a weekly hour-long radio broadcast on 1190 AM (KDYA), “The Light.”

In addition, we provide four consecutive Sunday worship services with Internet-TV global streaming, plus Tuesday Noon and evening Bible studies, conferences, dramatic presentations, concerts, etc.

Our picturesque purple church is seen from the freeway. We purpose, however, to be the church beyond the four walls. We are challenged to do all the Lord has called us to with an artful blend of robust flavor and gourmet flair.

Fifty years ago, Pastor Emeritus Lea answered the call to make a difference in the lives of people locally, nationally and globally. He equipped saints with the tools necessary to be a blessing to others and to grow in their Christian walk. He served God’s people for 36 years and Dr. Lea has done the same for 14 years, providing Spirit-led leadership. We have  been blessed to witness 50 years of meaningful ministry in this local community and the world.  Because of a solid foundation and the spiritual fire that has burned in the bosom of faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, Mount Calvary is now the oldest African American Baptist church in the Fairfield, Vacaville and Suisun region. Since the church’s birth, more than 23 preachers have been licensed and of that number, 21 were ordained. God has used one of those preachers and our pastor, Dr. Claybon Lea, Jr., along with Sis. Carol V. Lea, to keep the church moving redemptively into the future. Amazing endeavours continue to be achieved as we tread an uncompromising and unapologetic path toward what Dr. Lea identifies as “brighter horizons, larger territories, more challenges, greater conquests, bigger vision and incalculable opportunities.” With God’s help and as we stand together on the Rock, Jesus Christ our Lord, we will continue to build on the past 50 years. We will stampede into the future with another 50 years in view, impacting the world with our witness.  The Lord has done great things for and through Mount Calvary Baptist Church, whereof we are glad. To God be the glory!

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