Mount Calvary Baptist Church - Our Vision
One Church two locations, A Multi-Ethnic Ministry

Our vision is to become one of Northern California’s premiere churches for leading individuals into a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ and equipping them for service to God and humanity.  We envision Mount Calvary as a church passionately committed to the development and transformation of people who will impact the world both locally and globally.  Our goal is to help people become spiritually confident, competent, and conscientious servants of God who will make an indelible contribution to the welfare of society through community and ministry-based initiatives that enhance the overall spiritual and moral condition of the world.  We seek to provide life-changing experiences of worship, fellowship, discipleship and ministry that compel members to intentionally reach out to the lost at every age and stage in life, touching people around the globe with the love of God.  We aim to use various means of evangelism to reach the world with the gospel and provide services to help believers mature as servant leaders who impact their immediate families, communities, counties, state, the nation, and the world.  Mount Calvary is determined to be a church where the Spirit leads, the Word feeds, and the ministry meets life’s needs.  To that end, we continually strive to be a ministry channel for God to touch human needs through human instruments from the Northern California area to the ends of the earth.

We see a day:
When thousands of disciples are intentionally developed and transformed through a well-organized strategy and structure and are perpetuating ministry that leads people from spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity.

When Mount Calvary Church invests in youth by providing them with an environment for spiritual enhancement that can radically change their lives and by partnering with local government and businesses to provide alternatives and services that result in service to God and humanity.

When learners become leaders through a Leadership Development Center created to facilitate their training and preparation as leaders in the church with the skills, heart, and maturity to be successful as spiritual practitioners in ministry.

When short-term mission trips are organized and launched from Mount Calvary Church to share the love of God and the Gospel by ministering to the felt needs of those in foreign countries, providing services for medical, educational, and humanitarian needs. Strategic partnerships are expanded for members to be involved in reaching out to nations and places historically disenfranchised, impoverished, or ignored socially and spiritually, such as Africa, Haiti, South America, and India.

When Mount Calvary Church has the facilities to accommodate the ever-expanding growth and vision of making disciples and equipping believers to serve God and humanity.

When Mount Calvary Church has a regionally accredited Child Development Center and Christian school (K-12) that maintains the highest standards of academic excellence and intentionally seeks to develop a world view that is informed by Christ.

When Mount Calvary Church expands the Reverend Claybon Lea Memorial Library to include a Cultural Center to highlight the rich heritage and contribution of African Americans to American history, particularly as it relates to the Black church experience.

When Mount Calvary Church employs a variety of evangelistic methods, including campus ministries, new church starts, etc. to communicate the Gospel to those who may not have access to our facilities, or have a better chance of being reached through other contemporary models of ministry.

When Mount Calvary Church creates a center for Christian counseling where families and individuals receive affordable quality assistance to help manage the overwhelming challenges of life. 

When Mount Calvary Church provides services to strengthen and equip Christians, churches and ministries by facilitating conferences, workshops and supportive networks that enable them to become better stewards of God’s resources.