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 2017 Discipleship Classes


I want to be a follower of Christ
I want to be one of His disciples
I want to walk in the newness of life
So let me be a follower of Christ!

When:  April 23, 2017 (Each Sunday)

Where: 1735 Enterprise Drive, Bldg. 3, 2nd Floor

Times: 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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Classes & Descriptions

Title: What Are You Afraid Of?  Facing Down Your Fears With Faith by Dr. David Jeremiah - Room 234

What Are You Afraid Of examines the fears of defeat, depression, disconnection, disease, and death. Dr. Jeremiah then guides you to realize that God is the answer to all your fears and to replace your unhealthy fears with a proper fear of God. You can look to the future and see nothing except His power and love guarding your every step. You can find the truth that sets you free to live the fearless life God created you to enjoy.

Title: Life On Mission - A Simple Way To Share The Gospel by Dustin Willis & Aaron Coe - Room 235

A life lived on mission isn’t a supersized version of an extraordinary Spirit-filled life. It isn’t reserved only for top-level Christian risk takers who have mastered the art of obedience. Living a life on mission is the story of everyday, ordinary believers leveraging whatever levels of influence they have to bring unbelievers to faith in Christ.

Title: Jonah Navigating A Life Interrupted by Priscilla Shirer - Room 233

What do we do when God interrupts our lives? Many times, like Jonah, we run! This Bible study redefines interruption and shows that interruption is actually God’s invitation to do something beyond our wildest dreams. When Jonah was willing to allow God to interrupt his life, the result was revival in an entire city.

Title: Gray Areas - Finding Truth When Life Isn't Black and White by Mike Glenn - Room 236

For some questions, there just doesn’t seem to be right or wrong answers. Worse, in other situations, there seem to be several right answers. Not only do good people disagree, REALLY good people REALLY disagree. A lot of the issues we face don’t have a direct Scriptural response and Gray Areas seeks to address some of these issues and give us guidance on how to address more of these issues throughout life.

Title: Pressure Points by Chip Henderson - Room 242

This is the first release in the Bible Studies for Life Series and invites you to open your heart and life to the principles in the Book of James and deal positively with the pressure points in your life.

Title: A Basic Course in American Sign Language - Room V114 (1745 Enterprise Drive)

This course is an introduction to American Sign Language, and will give brief explanations and examples of some basic structure of American Sign Language. Included in the course will be exercises for students to practice these structures.


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New Members Class
New members class is continuous and you can enroll in this class year round.


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