Mount Calvary Baptist Church - Sunday School
One Church two locations, A Multi-Ethnic Ministry

Our Sunday School Ministry is not your grandparents Sunday School. Ours is a dynamic ministry with life transformational impact.

We believe that, “Worship, also, is not and cannot produce effective discipleship. Disciples, not church members, is what God called us to become. The best pulpit teaching ministry will fall short in fulfilling the command of the Great Commission if it is not supported and/or supplemented with some small group interaction.”

George McCalep
Faithful Over a Few Things
Green Forest Baptist Church

Our Sunday School is our foundational strategy for leading people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and for building great commission Christians through open Bible study groups that invite people to discover the truths of God’s Word and connect with others through fellowship and ministry.

Adult Classes

Youth Classes

Children's Classes

Adults classes: Sunday Mornings at 8:30

  • Second floor: 1735 Enterprise Dr. Fairfield Campus
  • First floor: 1745 Enterprise Dr. Fairfield Campus
  • Fellowship Hall (Suisun Campus) 601 Whispering Bay Lane, at 9:15

Children’s classes: Sunday Mornings at 9:30

  • First floor: 1735 Enterprise Dr. Fairfield Campus

Come and experience what God can do through your involvement in a loving small group!

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