Mount Calvary Baptist Church - Giving
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Mount Calvary's Online Giving process has changed. This new process of giving online is safe and secure.

One-Time Donations Recurring Giving

Online giving allows you to make a one-time contribution, recurring contributions or a combination through a secure site. Online giving includes the use of electronic funds transfer (an ACH transaction). You will need to know the routing number of your bank to set up an ACH transaction. The routing number is usually located at the bottom of your check.

Online giving also gives you the option of using a debit or credit card. We offer this option only as a convenience and not as a way to circumvent sound biblical money management. Please be aware that the church incurs a fee of as much as 3% for credit card donations.

Click here to cancel or delete your recurring gifts, or to update your profile in ShelbyNext.

Other ways of contributing to Mount Calvary Baptist Church:

There are many different ways to contribute financially to Mount Calvary Baptist Church.

First and foremost is the giving of tithes and offerings on Sunday mornings. This is the way most members and visitors choose to give.

Second are the tithes and offerings mailed to the church office or dropped off during regular business hours.

third method, growing in popularity, is a check mailed directly from a member’s bank. These checks are a result of members making online payments through their bank.

fourth method is having the tithes and offerings deducted from your paycheck by your employer and deposited directly into Mount Calvary’s account. If you choose this option, please call the Business Administration office at (707) 399-4243 for assistance.

fifth way to contribute is the donation of stocks or other assets. These types of gifts are most often contributed near the end of the calendar or tax year. Stock gifts are usually sold, while other assets are used directly in the ministry of the church if possible. If you would like to contribute stock or other assets please call the Business Administration at (707) 399-4243 to arrange the transfer.

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